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Recent Projects


2-story installation
Mixed Media

2-story installation in windows, 2019


🌳 🏢 🔷 🔸 🔺
Archival Pigment Print
22 x 17 ½ inches
Edition of 80, with 7 AP


Selected by Executive Director to be 2019 Artist for the Contemporary Austin museum's Contemporary Print Series. Established in 1998, the Contemporary Print Series (formerly the Collectors’ Circle Print Program) highlights outstanding artists and encourages interest in contemporary art by commissioning a new print every year. Artists have included Deborah Roberts, Sterling Allen, Mark Mothersbaugh, and more.


111-foot Installation
Mixed Media

As part of the Texas Cultural Trust's tenth biennial Texas Medal of Arts Awards celebration, Susan Scafati was selected as the featured artist and commissioned to create a site-responsive 111-foot art installation by American contemporary artist Susan Scafati titled “🏢🔳🔷♦️🔺🔶🔹.”

"I’ve spent half my life living in urban spaces, seeing cities construct and destruct. The installation I created for the Texas Medal of Arts Awards reimagines everyday building blocks as color fields in flux, an homage to the power of art in our lives."

- Susan Scafati

Photo Credit: JHL Company

if a 🌳 falls

Installations, sculptures, archival pigment prints


In her solo exhibition titled "If a 🌳 falls..." American conceptual artist Susan Scafati explores existence and perception in the age of smartphones, inviting us to think about how representation of one’s self and one’s world is expressed within our visual, virtual culture today. Pigment prints from her t e x t s c a p e  body-of-work are inspired by the smartphone speech bubble as an everyday icon that comprises our psychological landscape and influences human behavior. Scafati layers hand-drawn, hand-cut and projected textboxes made using sunprint, photogram and digital processes, creating multiple form and color iterations enlarged beyond their familiar handheld size. Tablet-sized silver gelatin and pigment prints intentionally work against smartphone camera defaults. Reclaiming free-form creativity and play, Scafati shoots these artworks while manually obscuring the lens with handheld filters and other (non-Photoshop) interventions. These works explore the relationship between digital filters and human perception. All works are titled in emojis.

Solo Exhibitions at Bonsack Gallery (St. Louis, MO), Austin Central Library (Austin, TX).


t e x t s c a p e

2-story installation at Facebook

Mixed Media


A 4-story site-responsive installation was created for Facebook in conjunction with being selected to be an Artist-in-Residence.

Photo Credit: Anna Mazurek.

t e x t s c a p e

(Exhibition with Sean Ripple)

Installations, sculptures, 10-foot boombox, multiple performances, jumpsuit, street flyers, archival pigment prints

Mixed Media



blueprints + origins



Taureau Noir

6' x 9' Installation

C-prints, wood


L'ecole National Superier' Award, International Center of Photography, 2004. Exhibited at Goya: Mad Reason, Curated by Douglas Cushing, Blanton Museum, 2016.

Swan Cycle

Chapter One, Two, Three

Installation, video, book

Mixed Media


Strange Pilgrims exhibition (with Lakes Were Rivers), Contemporary Austin, 2015.



Mixed Media 

Contemporary Photographic Practice and the Archive, (exhibition with Lakes Were Rivers), Harry Ransom Center, 2015.

Photo credit: Milli Apelgren
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