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Contemporary Austin’s Art Dinner Installation


This installation was presented in its deconstructed state at The Contemporary Austin's 2021 Art Dinner — a gesture of the ways in which we are connected when apart.  


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ABOUT grounding, you 
Susan Scafati is an American conceptual artist who explores how individual versus collective identities and personal versus cultural mythologies are constructed. Her installation refers to the ritual of touching nature to ground oneself. Comprised of spider wood root, this installation centers around the symbolic association of spiders with interconnection and illusion. Organic and artificial matter collaged together question interventions between our natural and built environments.
Scafati plays with changing light refractions as a metaphor for cultural lag, a term coined by William Fielding Ogburn describing the lag between material — the technology, the infrastructure, the physical things— and immaterial culture — the rituals, the rules, the institutions.”
Mixed media 
60 x 12 x 72 inches
Executed in 2021

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